We offer you as much listening ear as you need
To be a distinguished entity in the provision of psychological services.
To provide cutting edge psychological solutions to the problems facing our society.
Core Values
Authenticity, Uniqueness, and Excellence.

We are a 24-hour telephone counseling Helpline Company in Kenya that seeks to bring counseling services closer and more accessible to the masses. We believe that as long as you have a phone you should be able to speak to a counselor during your time of emotional or psychological crisis.

Our Departments

Niskize Counseling Centre
At Niskize Counseling Centre, we offer various cutting-edge psychological services such as; Individual therapy, Premarital, Couple, & Family Therapy, Psychometric Testing...
Niskize Call Centre
At Niskize Call Centre, we offer 24-hour counseling. This helps offer a greater sense of anonymity, break geographical limitations, eliminate the need for special childcare (or any other care) arrangements for busy mums or caregivers, save on traveling cost etc...
Niskize TV
Niskize TV is an educative, fun, and candid series of short videos that addresses life’s issues as asked by our listeners, viewers and callers. See more videos on our YouTube Channel (Niskize) and be sure to leave a comment or question...
Niskize Shuleni
Niskize Shuleni is the answer to today’s challenges in schools, colleges, and universities. At Niskize, we believe that the purpose of schooling is not to fill up the mind of the learner but to help them discover themselves. We have superior services customized for today’s learner...
Niskize Kazini
Niskize Kazini is your ultimate solution for improving performance in your organization. At Niskize, we understand that the love language in the corporate world is results. We have superior services tailored to meet today’s challenges in the corporate world...
Niskize Kinyumbani
Niskize Kinyumbani is a product designed for the people whose first language is not English and Kiswahili. We seek to offer counseling in our native local languages for the average Kenyan calling from the village who is not able to express themselves in any other language but their mother tongue...

Our Counselors

Kendi Ashitiva
+254 718 227 440
Benjamin Nzulu
+254 718 227 440
Catherine Muriithi
+254 718 227 440
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Our Office
KMA Centre Upperhill, Block C,
Apartment 01, Nairobi, Kenya.
Our Email
24-Hour Call Line: 0900 620 800
For Appointments: +254 718 227 440