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Kendi Ashitiva
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Kendi Ashitiva is the co-founder of Niskize Counseling Company. She has a Master’s in Counselling Psychology and is a Doctoral candidate of Clinical Psychology from USIU-A. Her practice of close to a decade has been around intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships (how people relate with themselves and with others). She has worked extensively with individuals of all ages to help them navigate through difficult seasons of their lives.

Among her key areas of practice have been traumatic experiences such as divorce, separation, romantic break ups, childhood trauma, death of a loved one, identity crisis among teens and adolescents etc. She employs cutting edge tried and tested methodologies to help clients resolve conscious and unconscious pain and challenges. Kendi Ashitiva is frequently called upon by corporate organizations to offer regular talks and trainings on mental health. She is supervised by Senior Psychologist Dr. Frida Kameti of the African Mental Health Foundation.

Participation in National Emergency Trauma Interventions

  • Kendi Ashitiva worked closely with the victims of the Garissa terror attack that happened on the 2nd of April 2015. She worked with the survivors of the terror attack in conjunction with Kenyatta National Hospital Youth Center for 4 months conducting weekly group sessions.

  • In 2019 Kendi Ashitiva led a team of psychologists, as they took a company of 200 staff members through debriefing, group and individual sessions following the Dusit Terror Attack. These sessions run collectively for a period of one year and culminated with an anniversary in January 2020.

Kendi is doing her doctoral dissertation on the impact of adverse childhood trauma (ACE’s) on the quality of marriages, a study of married couples in Nairobi County. She hopes to use the findings of her study to improve her practice with couples looking to get married or those who are already married to help increase their level of marital satisfaction. Kendi is married and has two children.