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Leila Gwiyo

Leila Gwiyo
+254 718 227 440

Leila is a qualified, experienced and licensed counselor, psychologist and an NLP practitioner.

Leila has been in full time professional practice since 2015 and has worked with clients in private practice, professional healthcare setting such as hospital and community mental healthcare setting. Leila has also done extensive school based counseling in several private and public schools as case manager.

At Niskize, Leila is our consultant child therapist. We call her the baby whisperer for her ability to get even the youngest of children to trust her. Watching Leila at work with children is like watching a fish in water. She is truly in her element.

Leila has a Bachelor in Counseling Psychology and is currently finishing her Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of Nairobi. She has co-authored several books

Grief is real-take back control – A guide book through grief and Introspection- Guide Book on Self- Awareness.

Leila has contributed to the writing of the book Parenting in the Home by Dr. G. Wango and Co-Authored; The role counseling in Grieving Students and pupils in schools (an academic journal) with Dr. Wango (Submitted for Publishing).

Feel free to grab a copy at your local bookstore.