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Catherine Muriithi | Counselling Psychologist, Niskize Africa –  As a practicing Counselling Psychologist, Catherine has worked with diverse groups towards ensuring mental and emotional wellness and has led interventions with corporates, individuals, couples and families in both clinical and non-clinical set ups. Her commitment is to providing therapy in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment. Her key aims in the areas of counselling and training services are to ensure a warm and honest approach, offer safety and confidentiality and to help achieve personal growth and development. She also provides supervision and coaching to staff in corporate organizations.

Catherine is a trainer of trainers and runs knowledge transfer programmes to empower others to execute. With over 20 years working experience, and as an accredited practitioner with the Kenya Psychologists and Counselor’s association (KCPA), she is also called upon to provide response support to various matters afflicting the nation that require counselling intervention. She holds a master’s degree in counselling Psychology, a Bachelor’s degree in community development and a Higher diploma in Counselling Psychology, and is widely acclaimed as a speaker in public for a, corporate events and conference on matters of emotional and mental well-being.

With a focus on the ever increasing stress levels across the demographic divide and the upsurge in cases of individual, domestic and group psycho social and emotional crises, Catherine co-founded East and Central Africa’s first 24 hour counseling call center – NISKIZE that she runs with a group of professional counselors who offer on call psychological aid that has not only revolutionized the channel through which psycho care can be administered, but also provided access to a hitherto unreached segment.

Catherine is passionate about developing, inspiring and challenging people to herself as a renovator of people’s lives and believes that every sing person has a destiny and a purpose to be pursued. She mentors and coaches young people and is always plugging in to opportunities to inspire and stimulate progressive change.